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What Does Muck Mean in Poker? – Poker Fortress

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♥ ❤ ♦ Want to know what turn and river meaning in poker?

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Explaining beginner poker terms including what betting, checking, raising and folding means in a game of poker

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Have you ever wondered what cap means in poker? Learn what cap means when poker players say it at the table.

What Does Pot Committed Mean In Poker?

What does it mean to be pot committed? How do you know if you are pot committed?

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What is Minimum Defense Frequency in poker? Minimum defense frequency (MDF) describes the portion of your range with which you ...

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This question mentions "running it twice" - I can infer the basics, but can someone define exactly what this means, and how (and why) it happens?

What does :-1 mean in python? - Stack Overflow

Possible Duplicate: The Python Slice Notation I'm trying to port some Python code to C, but I came across this line and I can't figure out what it means: if message.startswith('<stream:str ...

What Is Muck Meaning In Poker? | Msnho!

What Is Muck Meaning In Poker?,Mucking is a feature of poker that is sometimes misunderstood.

what does it means" or "what does ...

Sometimes, especially on this forum, I am wondering wether I should say "what does it mean" or "what does it means"